Top Cats C-2 Class

Calls by Week of Introduction

For each call, please first read the Ceder definition, including all the notes, and then review the examples provided by Taminations.

Note that the Taminations page includes the text of the CALLERLAB definition, which in many cases is not as helpful as the Ceder definition, and may also not cover quite as many cases. But the two definitions will normally be consistent for the cases that they both cover, even though they may not use the same words.

Note also that the Ceder pages normally include at least a few diagrams, and that these may show different cases than are illustrated by the Taminations. We recommend studying all the examples from both sets of pages.

Color codes: New topics being introduced in the upcoming class session are highlighted in green. Calls taught introduced recently and other selected "review topics" are highlighted in red. Reviewing the definitions of all the calls from time to time can be helpful, but before each class please review at least the ones highlighted in color.

2 November
Parallelogram [concept]
(non-shape-changers for now)
Catch n[Ceder][Taminations]
Cross and Wheel
(just simple "Cross and Wheel" for now)
(Scoot and) Little More[Ceder][Taminations]
(not including Fascinating)
Here Comes the Judge
Sock It To Me
direction Loop n[Ceder][Taminations]
(Reverse) Truck[Ceder][Taminations]
9 November
"anything" [concept][Ceder][Taminations]
atc Your Neighbor
(Tag, Vertical Tag, Flip)
(Scoot and) Cross Ramble[Ceder][Taminations]
Exchange the Diamonds[Ceder][Taminations]
Rotary anything[Ceder][Taminations]
16 November
Once Removed [concept]
(simple 2x2 cases only for now)
(Grand) Cross Trade and Wheel[Ceder][Taminations]
Hocus Pocus[Ceder][Taminations]
23 November
(Reverse) Split Swap[Ceder][Taminations]
30 November
Chisel Thru[Ceder][Taminations]
Invert the Column fraction
(not Cross for now)
7 December
Stagger [concept][Ceder][Taminations]
Funny Square Thru[Ceder][Taminations]
14 December
Once Removed [concept]
(1x4 non-shape-changers)
Single Cross (Trade) and Wheel[Ceder][Taminations]
Walk Out to a Wave[Ceder][Taminations]
21 December
Solid [concept][Ceder][Taminations]
3x1 Triangles
(not interlocked for now)
Wheel the Ocean
Wheel the Sea
28 December - DARK
4 January
Parallelogram [concept]
anything and Circle fraction[Ceder][Taminations]
Peel to a Diamond
(not Trail for now)
11 January
Cut/Flip the Galaxy[Ceder][Taminations]
Grand Single Cross (Trade) and Wheel[Ceder][Taminations]
Swap the Wave[Ceder][Taminations]
18 January
Crazy [concept][Ceder][Taminations]
The K[Ceder] 
Split Trade Circulate[Ceder][Taminations]
25 January
Perk Up[Ceder][Taminations]
3x1 Checkmate the Column
3x1 Transfer the Column
Trail to a Diamond[Ceder][Taminations]
1 February
Kick Off
(not Cross for now)
Swing Along[Ceder][Taminations]
8 February
Circle to a Wave[Ceder][Taminations]
Cross Invert the Column[Ceder][Taminations]
Cross the K[Ceder][Taminations]
Stack the Line[Ceder][Taminations]
15 February
Cross Back[Ceder][Taminations]
Funny Circulate[Ceder][Taminations]
(incl. Reverse but not Single for now)
22 February
Lines anything Thru[Ceder][Taminations]
29 February
Offset Columns/Lines/Waves [concept][Ceder]
Grand Chain Eight
(from beginning DPT or Eight Chain)
7 March
Vertical anything[Ceder][Taminations]
14 March
Stretched formation [concept][Ceder][Taminations]
Criss Cross Your Neighbor[Ceder][Taminations]
Single Rotate[Ceder][Taminations]
21 March
Cross Concentric [concept][Ceder][Taminations]
Grand Chain Eight
(from facing lines)
Press direction[Ceder][Taminations]
Scoot and Counter[Ceder][Taminations]
28 March
Hubs/Rims Trade Back[Ceder][Taminations]
Reverse Cut/Flip the Diamond[Ceder][Taminations]
4 April
Turn to a Line[Ceder][Taminations]
11 April
Funny [concept]
(simple cases, e.g., Pass Thru, Split Counter Rotate)
Alter and Circulate[Ceder][Taminations]
Criss Cross the Shadow[Ceder][Taminations]
Dodge anything[Ceder][Taminations]
18 April
Disconnected [concept][Ceder][Taminations]
Chain the Square[Ceder][Taminations]
Hubs/Rims Trade anything[Ceder][Taminations]
25 April
Fascinating anything[Ceder][Taminations]
Reverse Turn to a Line
(same action but turn in opposite direction)
Zip Code n[Ceder][Taminations]
2 May
Reverse Crazy [concept][Ceder][Taminations]
Sets in Motion[Ceder][Taminations]
Single Bounce[Ceder][Taminations]
9 May
Grand Cross Back[Ceder][Taminations]
16 May
File to a Line[Ceder][Taminations]
23 May
Reverse Cut/Flip the Galaxy[Ceder][Taminations]
30 May - DARK
6 June
Cross Kick Off[Ceder][Taminations]
Split Grand Chain Eight[Ceder] 
13 June
Interlocked Triangles[Ceder][Taminations]
Interlocked 3x1 Triangles[Ceder][Taminations]
20 June
"triangle working as a box concept"[Ceder][Taminations]
27 June
Like a Ripple [concept][Ceder][Taminations]
Lateral Substitute[Ceder][Taminations]
4 July - DARK
11 July
Once Removed [concept]
(complex calls - drag and drop approach)
18 July
Funny [concept]
(applied to multi-part calls)
25 July
Once Removed [concept]
(complex calls - twosome approach)
1 August
combining/nesting concepts  
8 August
Interlocked Drop[Ceder] 
Reverse Swap the Wave
(same action with role of centers/ends reversed)
15 August
NxM Checkmate the Column
NxM Transfer the Column
22 August
29 August
Magic variations
(e.g., File to a Line, Hocus Pocus)